Prevent explicit content with Alexa Parental Controls


Have you ever had Alexa play some inappropriate music throughout the house while the family was over? Fear not!  Amazon has released Explicit Filter mode! This is a setting you can enable account wide to tell Amazon to filter out any explicit lyric songs it might be tempted to play.  Supported services are Spotify, Pandora and Amazon Music.  This should cover the vast amount of streaming music out there.  Notable exceptions are Tunein, iHeartRadio and other radio type stations.  iHeart Radio shouldn’t be an issue since most of those channels are over public airwaves and policed by the FCC.

This feature is super easy to turn on ; By the way, it’s also enabled by default on all Kid versions of the echo dots.   Since most features can be turned on and off via voice on the Echoes and this is a parental control feature, you can restrict it’s deactivation to Application only which is a smart touch.

Check out the video below for complete instructions and demo and of course, be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already.

P.S. If you haven’t set up a PIN number for your purchases, you should do that as well! haha.  And if you have really little ones, You will definitely want to check out Whisper Mode.

Happy Automating!