A few devices share that name. No they Don’t Alexa! [Bad Firmware]


This morning was a little frustrating in my Smart Home.   Looks like Amazon pushed out a new firmware to the Echo devices that really confused her. 😉

Anyone with firmware version 628538220 would get a response from her saying “A few devices share that name, which device do you want?” when asking her to turn on or off a group of lights.  This would end in a frustrating loop of no lights going on or off.  I noticed on Twitter and Reddit, lots of people complaining. 

Thankfully, Amazon engineers pushed out a fix pretty quickly.  Firmware version 628538320 fixed this issue (or reverted it) and all is well again in my house.  Of course, like twitter user @thegreatketchup,  I was also able to use Siri HomeKit as backup voice control until the issue was sorted.

To check your firmware version, you can go to Alexa.amazon.com, settings and then choose your device.  Unfortunately, there is no way to initiate a firmware update (maybe unplug and restart the device) so you just have to wait for Amazon servers to reach your device for the fix.


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Happy Automating!