Fixing my Home Assistant Breaking Changes with Atom!

Breaking Change

This weekend I did some maintenance on my Smart Home configurations and needed to correct some Breaking Changes that were introduced with some recent updates.  I noticed while browsing my GitHub repo that I had a Build Fail Tag on it. 


This tag is an automated badge that uses a bot called Travis-CI to automatically validate my public configuration against the latest build versions of Home Assistant.  This ensures that the configurations I am sharing with you will work with the most current versions of Home Assistant.  Some time around 0.84.x, my build went to a failing state.

After checking the Breaking Changes documentation in the release notes, I saw that there were two specific things that would be causing my failing grade.  MQTT_JSON lights and also a name change in the System Monitor component.

In the video below, I show you how I used my favorite YAML editor (Atom) to do mass search and replaces against multiple files within my Docker configuration. 

Spoiler Alert: We solved all the issues and now have a passing grade again. 🙂

We have fully patched my Home Assistant installation up to 0.84.6 again as well. 

Happy Automating!