Is Amazon killing off the name Alexa?

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Clickbait? Sure.. 😉 But interesting nonetheless I think.  With 2018 drawing to an end, I was thinking about how Amazon is absolutely crushing and dominating the Voice Assistant space.  So much so that I suspected that the popularity of the names Alexa, Alexis or even Alex should be dropping off steadily for new baby names.   I mean, personally, I would advise against naming your child after this super popular wake word.  Sure, you can change the wake word for your devices (if you don’t know how, head to this link: Stop Saying Alexa) but why go through that hardship and headache when there are countless other names to choose from.
To check the official records, I headed over to the Social Security website which maintains a cool popularity index for the top 1000 names in the nation.   At the time of this writing, they don’t have the 2018 data posted yet or else I think the findings would have been even more substantial.  For reference, the Amazon Echo debuted June 2015 and the lower the rank, the higher the popularity of the name.
Alexa was interestingly at it’s peek in 2015 and then saw a pretty large decline.  Alexis and Alex seemed to have been trending down over the years anyway.  My guess is Amazon will be sealing those names’ fates by 2020.  Maybe Carlo can start making a comeback and break back into the top 1000! 😉 image
Hope everyone has a Happy New Year and see everyone in 2019!
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