Failed to upload AOS package to Nutanix via Browser

Yeah, no.

Ran into this annoying little error at a client today.  Nutanix is awesome.  The one click upgrade functionality is amazing and really works well.  Except when it doesn’t.

This particular client did not have internet access for Prism so we had to download the files and then upload them locally.  Seemed easy. Except it wasn’t.

The upload just kept timing out and failing around 40% – 60%.  Over and over.  Tried different browsers, different machines, crossing different fingers.   Nothing.

After a quick call to Nutanix Support, here are some super simple easy steps to uploading your AOS upgrades using WinSCP rather than the clunky browser.

Step 1:

Putty into one of your CVMs and running the following command.

curl localhost:2019/prism/leader && echo

This command tells us if the current CVM is the Prism leader.  If it is, choose another one.  We do not want to upload our new AOS patch to the leader since that is where the file will eventually go, we want to be conscious to not use double space on the CVM.

Step 2:

After finding a CVM that is not the Prism leader, use WINSCP (or something equivalent) to upload both the AOS binary and the metadata json file to /home/nutanix.

Uploading via WinSCP

Step 3:

Connect to the CVM with Putty again and run the following command.

ncli software upload file-path=/home/nutanix/nutanix_installer_package-release-euphrates-5.10.1-stable.tar.gz software-type=nos meta-file-path=/home/nutanix/euphrates-5.10.1-metadata.json

Replace both the binary package and json file with the appropriate file name you just uploaded.

Step 4:

Launch Prism and verify that the upgrade version is now available.


Remove the files from /home/nutanix.  They are no longer needed and have been copied to the Prism Leader under software_downloads/nos/.

Nutanix, you are back to being my favorite again!

Happy Upgrading!