Check bad Passwords with Google Password Checkup

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This post is for my friends and family that might not be so technical but still want to stay safe online.  I wrote about the importance of changing passwords and using a password manager like LastPass but even if you haven’t yet done this, here is a another way to help stay safe online.


This is the Password Checkup tool.  It was created by Google and uses the Chrome Browser to check the username and passwords you use on the web against a massive table of 4 billion email/password combos that have been breached and exposed on the internet.  It does this check in the background and in a way (encryption and hashing) that does not compromise your privacy with Google but will give you a heads up that you should change that password set if matched. 

If you use Chrome as your default browser, this is a pretty painless way to at least become aware if any of your frequently used passwords/emails have been leaked.  Once you are notified, you can then take action to change the password.

Security is a constant cat and mouse game so leverage tools like this one and LastPass to help stay ahead as best you can.   Feel free to share on Facebook, etc. so that your less technical friends can stay safe as well!

You can learn more about terrible passwords in my friend Kyle’s video below.

Happy Internet’ing!