Home Assistant 0.90 release upgrade

But then I fixed it!

Yesterday Home Assistant dropped another release.  They are on a 2 week release schedule so updates are many and frequent.  I was excited about this one since the developers promised a new remote access solution utilizing Nabu Casa subscriptions.  For the 5 buck monthly subscription, you get everything you had before (Painless Alexa/Google integration, cloudhooks, etc.) and now safe, secure remote access.  Encrypted end to end. Worth the money before, now it is a no-brainer!

Only requirement, Upgrade to 0.90!

I jumped right in.  The upgrade itself was super easy.  I run Docker so it is just a matter of pulling down the new containers and running them.  Thanks to a handy script, it’s just one command away.


cd /home/hass/docker_files
docker-compose pull
docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d
docker system prune -fa
docker volume prune -f
docker attach --sig-proxy=false hass

During the upgrade, I did end up getting stung by a core services breaking change.  The API_PASSWORD is going to deprecated eventually and in 0.90, they have moved it from the HTTP component over to the auth_providers.  Some quick changes to that and we were up and running.

I experimented a little with the new Remote Access feature but I have a fully functional remote solution currently with a custom domain.  The Nabu Casa solution doesn’t yet support custom domains and you will have to have a xxxxxxxxxx.ui.nabu.casa domain name that I’m not thrilled with so I’m going to stick with my current solution for now.

I might change this in the future since all of the remote access is via the IOS Home Assistant application for everyone in the house so the long obscured naming might not be a big deal.  As they build out this service, I think the features will compel me to switch over.  I already love the idea that you can programmatically through automations turn off/on access in response to events.  (Think: turn on remote access when someone leaves the house and turn it off when everyone goes to bed kind of automations.)

Hope this video shows you how easy the process was and you jump right in as well.

Happy Upgrading!