How to add Garadget to Home Assistant

Fixing Breaking Changes with Garadget
Now that I have upgraded to 0.88, I am slowly getting the house back in order.  Systematically targeting the breaking changes that affected my Smart Home and fixing them.  This post is about the Garadget Breaking Change that happened somewhere around 0.87 or 0.86.  Although, this one was a pretty easy to identify and fix, the breaking change was drastic enough that it completely changed how the component was laid out in YAML.  The naming IDs were throwing out validation errors when run against Travis and my build was coming up failing.

Thankfully, @bwdur had posted a fix in the Home Assistant GitHub issue pages that I was able to tweak a bit and fix.  My eventual fix looked like this:

  – platform: garadget
          device: !secret large_garage_id
          username: !secret garadget_username
          password: !secret garadget_password
          name: large_garage
          device: !secret small_garage_id
          username: !secret garadget_username
          password: !secret garadget_password
          name: small_garage

In the video, I forget to mention the last name: section so be sure to add that in (and always read the descriptions!) to keep the naming consistent.  You can also visit my GitHub repo for the latest code as well.

If you are interested in getting the Garadget, you can check them out on Amazon here :

We have two of them driving the two garage door openers at the house and they have been rock solid for the entire time we had them. (we got them around 2016!)  I’ve been extremely pleased with their price,  performance and Home Assistant support.

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Happy Automating!