Not attending #CitrixSynergy this week? Follow along from Home!

Agent A

So if you decided to pass on actually going to Citrix Synergy 2019 in Atlanta because … well, Atlanta.  BUT you still want to know what new and exciting announcements will be coming from the conference, this post is for you!  There are plenty of ways for you to follow along at home.  Let’s get into them.

First up is an easy one.  Subscribing to this blog should be the first thing you do so you don’t miss anything really exciting.  [Subscribe Here]

Whether or not you use twitter religiously, you can easily follow Synergy and its attendees on twitter using the #CitrixSynergy hashtag.  Reading tweets from actual attendees can give you a mostly unbiased opinion and feel for the highs and lows of the conference.  From breaking releases to long lines at the coffee stand, you can read about it all on twitter.


Citrix will also be adding new videos and presentations to their YouTube channel at CitrixTV.  The YouTube channel is not always up dated immediately but over time, you will get the most amount of information here as they eventually end up releasing almost all of the sessions to this medium.


In my opinion though, the best way to see everything remotely that will be going on at Synergy is to be registered for the online webinars directly.

These sessions will be a select group of break out and keynote sessions that will be streamed real time over the internet for free.  This sampling throughout the entire conference will help keep you up to date on new product announcements and company direction. (Plus they might decide to rename everything again!)


With live sessions coming from Citrix and live tweets from attendees and speakers, you can have a great remote conference experience from the comfort of your very own desk.  While not a replacement for the face to face networking that goes on at these conferences, it’s a great way to stay involved and connected with the Citrix community overall.

And of course, if you ARE at Synergy, be sure to find an IPMer or M7 member and connect and network!

Have a great conference! (either remotely or in person)