How to use Template conditions in Home Assistant

Home Assistant Summer is Here!It is finally Summer!  School is over and the kids are home for a couple of months.  My Smart Home was previously adjusted using Home Assistant to the school schedule using a School Mode Input Boolean.  If School Mode was enabled, the house would trigger a bunch of lighting and wake up routines Monday through Friday to help get the family up and out of the door for school. 

You can read all about that here:

But now that Summer is here, we want to sleep a little later and the house needs to skip the normal morning routines that it would have usually fired off.  To accomplish this, we use some Summer Time logic which is a Home Assistant Template condition using Jinja programming to tell whether it is June or July (kids go back to school in August here in Florida).  In this video, we discuss how to use Jinja conditions and sensors to accomplish this and hopefully explain it in a way that you will be able to build your own using a little Jinja and YAML Magic.

Hope you are enjoying your Summer!