New IOS 13 Features and Changes!

New Changes coming to IOS Wifi

I have been running the Beta version of iOS for a few months now.  Currently at iOS Public Beta 3, I keep finding things I really like about the new interface.  This particular one seems pretty logical and it is surprising that it hasn’t been part of iOS yet.  I suspect it has been part of the Android experience for quite some time (Android users, feel free to correct me in the comments).

The feature I took notice of was the Wi-Fi picker change.  It is probably NOT called the Wi-Fi picker but it is a very intuitive way to jump between Wi-Fi networks from the control dock/panel.  Swipe down and you can access the nearby Wi-Fi networks.  This is super useful when you are in an application (say a Smart Home IOT device) and you need to connect to the broadcasting Wi-Fi to complete a setup.  Easy peasy now and you don’t have to mess up your workflow.  It’s the small changes that really make the experience great in my opinion.

Here’s a quick overview of the change and new interface.

Happy Beta Testing!