Upgrading Home Assistant and Fixing icon_template warning errors

Upgrading Home Assistant

Amazon Prime Day is over and now it is time to upgrade everything.  We will be upgrading our chair and then Home Assistant!  It’s been at least a couple of months that I have been staring (and ignoring) the errors that have been popping up in my UI from Home Assistant complaining about deprecated icon_template settings.  For this video, I am going to switch them all to a more supported device_class parameter.  (Spoiler Alert: This fixes everything)

Once we are all error free, we are going to upgrade our Home Assistant to 0.95.4 (and then to 0.96 off camera).  Since the errors were all cleared up, the upgrade process is nice and smooth.

For the 0.96 upgrade, we get the nice new UI bar on the left side.   Although like I have stated in previous posts, the User Interface is secondary to me behind voice control.  And automation is king in my house.  If it can be automated behind the scenes, it should be.

For Prime day, we also did the trade-in of one of our Alexa Dots and upgraded to an Echo Show 5.  I might be doing a video on that later on.  I’m very happy with all of my purchases so far.

I’m also trying out some new transitions in this video.. Be sure to let me know in the comments what you think of them. 🙂

Happy Automating!