Why No more Comments?

Sharing is Caring on the Internet

This week, I took steps to disable comments on the blog.  The main driver for this was the lack of usage of said comments.  I was using the Disqus platform to host the comments and over the ~850 blogs posts there were only around 200 comments. So the blog was taking a pretty big speed penalty loading up the required scripts to host and interact with the DISQUS servers to provide the commenting section and there really wasn’t that much engagement.  This just didn’t seem like a good use of the server resources.

If updates need to be made to the content itself, I’ll just handle that directly in the blog post so if you spot something that needs updating, just reach out to me.

This brings me to the other reason for disabling comments on the blog. I am hoping to drive the conversations to better suited platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.  These platforms do a great job at hosting, facilitating and indexing the content generated by users in the form of comments and discussion.  As much as I like to host everything locally on the blog, the user generated content is often spammy and needs a lot of moderation which is handled automatically on other platforms.

So if you would like to continue the discussion related to a blog post on this site, I would encourage you to share the post to your favorite social media platform, tag me and comment there.  We can then have a near realtime, relevant discussion with others on those platforms.

If you are not following me on the socials, please do.

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