HassKit – Home Assistant Mobile UI for IOS and Google Android

Recently, Dust Hoof released his version of a Home Assistant mobile app.  Called HassKit, it is available for both the Apple IOS and Google Android platforms.   The Application for e reminds me very much of the look and feel of a typical HomeKit application.  You get large touch friendly buttons and the layout is organized with Homes and Rooms.  Exactly the way HomeKit is organized.


The advantage here over HomeKit apps is that it reads in ALL Home Assistant lights, switches, sensors and entities.  They are all presented in a set up page for you to choose from.  Here is where you can take the exposed entities and then choose to populate your home screen with them for easy access.


I assume you could do a lot of this work with the current Home Assistant mobile program and Lovelace but HassKit offers you a different approach if you don’t have a Lovelace configuration in place already.  I think HassKit fills a need for an app that with minimal effort gets you access to your most commonly used switches and toggles in a quick and easy manner.   Perfect for beginners who just want quick easy access to some of their home devices.

The application itself is free and open sourced.  The GitHub repo can be found here:

You can find the IOS version here:

The Google Play version here:

I’m glad to see more versions and options for Home Assistant users out there.  Find and use the one that best suits your style.

Happy Automating!