VMware User Environment Manager (aka Dynamic Environment Manager)

Photo by Richard Hewitt from FreeImages

The end of year is coming up and I’m cleaning out all of my Evernote archives and getting all of my posts up and out the door.  All those screenshots I took all year round need to be posted…

This post is the easy installation of VMware User Environment Manager.    UEM has been rebranded Dynamic Environment Manager but I haven’t been installing it much lately.   Since FSLogix has become *free from Microsoft, it has been solving most of my clients’ profile related pain.  UEM and FSLogix can coexist quite nicely but there is a fair amount of overlap between the two, that in many cases, UEM can just be omitted from the solution.

That all said, here is how easy UEM or DEM is to install.  (Setup, next, next, next, finished!)

ScreenClip ScreenClip ScreenClip

ScreenClip ScreenClip ScreenClip

Spoiler Alert, FSLogix is even EASIER. Winking smile

Happy User Experience Crafting!