VMware: Failed to connect to the Horizon Connection Server

I have been seeing this a lot when deploying the Horizon at clients lately. Failed to connect to the Connection Server. This is just straight hitting the VMware broker directly. No UAG or any other items in place. WHAT GIVES?

Thankfully, this is a pretty simple issue to fix. It’s a well documented fix but does have a variety of symptoms. I end up searching for it all the time so this is my chance to document the one I run into the most.

The scenario I run into the most is when there is a load balancer involved or weird domain networking. Different URLs and other HOST file chicanery.

I always end up on this locked.properties KB article.

The easy fix for all this is to create a locked.properties file with the single line checkOrigin=false place on each broker under:

Plain Text

If you are running Horizon 8 version 2106 or later, check out the post below

VMware Horizon – Failed to connect to the Connection Server – v2106 and Above!

Here’s an OLD error message with an entirely new fix! “Failed to connect to the Connection Server” I have been running into this issue for the past few years and always go to the locked.properties file on the VMware Horizon connection server for the fix. The fix involved adding in a checkOrigin=false line into the […]

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Restart all Horizon services and you should be good to go.

Happy Troubleshooting!