Using Acronis to take an image of a Virtual Machine [V2P Part 1]

Here are some straight forward instructions on how to take an Acronis image of a Virtual Machine. This is part 1 of a P2V [Physical to Virtual] migration of a machine.

Taking an Image of the Virtual Machine

Log into VirtualCenter and boot Server to Acronis CD.

To boot a VM to Acronis, you must have an Acronis CD or ISO available to you.

After obtaining the media, reboot the Virtual Machine to the CD or ISO.

Choose Acronis True Image Enterprise.

Choose Backup. This option will be used to create an ‘Image’ of the Current VM. You will need to have enough space on the network to store the resulting TIB file.

Choose Entire Disk Contents for inclusion of the image.

Choose the Disk. If this were a physical server, you might see additional partitions such as utility partitions that you would deselect.

This screen also gives you an idea of how much space you will need on your destination drive.

Connect to your destination Share.

Be sure to WAIT while typing in the path to allow the system to prompt you for credentials.

Once Authenticated, press next to begin Imaging process.

Choose Create New Full Backup Archive.

Choose Next to continue Imaging process.

No additional settings are required for Virtual Machine migrations.

Verify all information and Click next to begin imaging process.

Once the imaging process is completed, you can restart the server or leave it shut down and begin the restoration process.