Basic Hyper-V installation Screenshots

Here are some quick and dirty notes on installing Hyper-V on your Windows 2008 Server. In case you want to see it and haven’t had the time to do it. J    
Once you have installed your Windows 2008 Server.
From the initial Configuration tasks wizard, chose Add Roles.

Select the Hyper-V option and Click Next.

Select a NIC card for your Virtual Networking.

Click Install. J

When it is all done, Click Yes to Reboot.

For some reason, just installing Hyper-V doesn’t add it to the Boot environment. In order to fix this, you need to enter the following command and reboot:
BCDEdit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto

If for some reason, the hypervisor fails to start, check the server BIOS.
Reboot your server and go into the BIOS by pressing F9. Go to “Advanced options > Processor Options” and enable these two sub-options:
“No-Excecute Memory Protection” and
“Intel(R) Virtualization Technology”
Save with F10. 

Next up, Creating a Virtual Machine!