Creating a Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Machine

Once you have your Hyper-V installed on your Windows 2008 Server, it’s time to create your first Hyper-V Virtual Machine.

Launch the Server Manager and EXPAND roles to select the Hyper-V Manager. From the Actions Pane, Choose New and Virtual Machine.

Specify the Name and Location. For my example, I was creating a Microsoft System Center Server to manage everything.

Add memory – Similar to every other Hypervisor. I went with 1 GB but the default was 512.

Select a Virtual Network. During Installation of Hyper-V, we allocated 1 NIC to become a Virtual Network.

The Microsoft standard for Hard Drives is VHD (Virtual Hard Drive/Disk). I chose give it a 10 GB size. The Default was 127 GB oddly enough.

I left the Windows 2008 Server DVD in the Physical Servers Drive so I selected the appropriate option.

Click finish to carve up the virtual Hardware and begin the OS install.