Creating a LUN on an EMC NS20 Celerra Filer

Creating a LUN on an EMC NS20 Celerra Filer – Screen grabs by John Simon

To leverage enterprise features of VMware such as DRS, vMotion and HA, shared storage must be allocated to all ESX server on the network. The process of creating and allocating a LUN on an EMC NS20 Celerra is documented below.

First we create a new File system.



Create New Iscsi LUN


Be sure to give the LUN a unique number.


Creating a new Iscsi Target creates and association to the Data Mover.


The Network portal is used to create a group IP address. Once the Target is created, you can add initiators to it.


Choose LUN Mask and click New

LUN Masks can be thought of as Client Machines or initiators.


Add the initiator copied from the VMware Host.

Once the LUNs are provisioned, rescan the ESX host and the LUN should pop up.