Off Topic : For the FaceBook fans out there..

DISCLAIMER:– If you don’t like FaceBook or Outlook : Stop READING now.

Just had to quickly share this little application with everyone out there.  How to relate it to Virtualization though? .. Hmm .. Well, last year VMware promoted the whole twitter experience to compliment VMWorld 2008, so this year maybe FaceBook will be the hot thing…  In preparation, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. 🙂

Now for the Application : FoneBook image
You run this handy little application from your Windows desktop and it will match up any Outlook Contacts you have that are ALSO FaceBook friends.  When it finds a match, it will download the contact’s current picture (if they have one), their birthday and some other profile information and update Outlook.  Of course since most of us in Information Technology have a BlackBerry or Smartphone, the phone gets updated. 

Neato Result : When a FaceBook/Outlook contact calls you, their picture pops up! 🙂 I think that’s neat.

Get it here.