Drobo iSCSI SAN Discount courtesy of Tech Field Day

If you remember my trip to Tech Field Day, Data Robotics was one of the companies we went to see.  Data Robotics is the creator of the Drobo line of inexpensive ISCSI SAN devices which are also certified by VMware for ESX.  They are very comparable to EMC’s Iomega StorCenter with a few differences.

One major difference the Drobo features is BeyondRAID technology.  This proprietary storage technology allows the Drobo to manage, expand, reorder and Self heal while allowing the user to mix and match drive types and sizes.  Normally, drive sizes and types must be match very closely.  Drobo automagically works out the largest capacity RAID available with the disks it has and reconfigures the volume appropriately.  Very consumer friendly in my opinion.  This also allows you to purchase the Drobo chassis and continually fill and replace it with newer and larger drives without having to replace the whole unit.

imageDrobo has arranged a special sale just for Tech Field Day attendees to offer their readers!

The following discounts are available at the Drobo online store through the end of the month (December):

Drobo – $50 off (plus a $30 rebate)
Drobo S – $75 off
DroboPro – $150 off (plus a $60 rebate)
DroboElite – $350 off

Just enter COSTANZO in the Promotional Code field when placing your order at the Data Robotics Store.



p style=”margin: 0in 0in 0pt”>They Make Good Christmas Gifts! :)  Happy Holidays!