XD 4.0 Support for U / L / T / X shaped monitor configurations

imageNice note from David Paoleschi regarding the new monitor enhancements in XenDesktop4

This should make those clients with multiple 30’’ monitors happy! :) 

Enhanced multi-monitor support: Historically, Terminal Services has not allowed the mapping of multiple display devices to a remote (e.g. ICA, RDP) session.  This presented a problem for ICA endpoints with more than one monitors.  The approach that was taken is to present a single display to Windows that overlaps ALL of the display devices on the client.  On the host, the Windows APIs that deal with multiple monitors are then hooked (the infamous MMHOOK) to "fake" the existence of different display devices where in reality there is only one.

The VDA 4.0 was changed such that it no longer uses MMHook for geometries and instead makes use of the native Windows commands (“True Multi-Monitor Support). The client will pass through monitor information which will be used on the VDA. L-shaped and U-shaped monitor configurations, different size and resolution; Basic multi-monitor support on desktop appliance and non-windows client; Advanced on Windows PC using connection bar.