Pay it Forward and Get Away to VMworld 2010 –> FOR FREE.


GestaltIT is now running a  “Get Away to VMworld” contest!  Sponsored by XSIGO and Symantec, one lucky individual will have a full ride to VMworld 2010.  What’s the Catch?  Well, the organizers would like the winner to pay it forward by sharing the knowledge and experience with others.  Here’s a snippet from the GestaltIT page :

Inspired by winner Greg Stuart‘s desire to contribute to the community, we’re not just going to pick a winner at random. We’re going to pick the person who presents the best case for themselves.

Entrants must explain how they plan to “pay it forward” if they get to go to VMworld. Will you start a blog? Write some tutorials? Contribute to a forum or online community? Present to your local VMUG? Get creative and spread the wealth of knowledge you get from the event!

The entry form can be found here (Fill out the entry form).   Let us know what  good you could do with a free trip to VMworld!

For those that are already going, Stephen Foskett echoed another great idea of donating your swag to local schools.  Got a closet full of unused conference backpacks, fill them with some notebooks and pens and donate them to your local school.