Setting up EMC Storage Viewer VI Plugin for VMware

Are you running EMC storage for your VMware Infrastructure’s shared storage?  Do you want some more SYNERGY between the two products?  You should be running the FREE EMC Storage Viewer.  Check out the instructions below:

Grab the latest version of Solutions Enabler for Windows from your PowerLink account and Start the Installer [Setup, Next Next Next Deal].
Typical IT utility servers are great places to install the Solutions Enabler.

clip_image002[4]  clip_image004

clip_image006  clip_image008

clip_image010  clip_image012


Once you have installed the Solutions Enabler on a Windows Server, you can install the Storage Viewer VI Client plug in on you workstations running the vSphere Client.

clip_image016  clip_image018

clip_image020   clip_image022

clip_image024   clip_image026

With the Solution Enabler [Enabled], you will now see much deeper into your SAN storage from the VI client.  You can also optional enable visibility from NaviSphere BACK to VMware as well.