Resetting my Flat Black Rock.


If you have had an iPhone for a while, this one is probably pretty obvious but for some reason I didn’t think of it immediately when I needed it.

Here’s the back story:

The 6th worst snow storm in NY history and I’m out taking some pictures with my iPhone and without fail, drop it into the snow.  Luckily, I have a nice clear case which I purchased after letting beach sand get to it over the summer (view the awesome scratch).  Quickly pick it up and everything looks fine.  Phone is working, nothing TOO wet, no harm, no foul.  Fast forward to later in the evening after leaving the phone connected to the charger for a while and I discover it is completely dead.  No response from the screen or buttons.  Just a black screen.  Switch outlets, switch chargers, nothing.

This is where the beauty of the iPhone is also the source of my frustration.  The simple elegant design just transforms into a dead piece of metal if it ever becomes unresponsive.  There are no obvious screws to remove, batteries to replace, factory reset buttons to press with a crudely bent paper clip.  Nothing much on the hardware side that a DIYer like myself can really get into.  It’s just a flat black rock at that point.  So frustrating.

Of course, Google comes to the rescue and reminds me that I can hold down the POWER and HOME button for about 15 seconds and the phone magically reboots and preforms diagnostics on itself.  Fortunately, that did the trick and ended my moment of panic.

Sand: 1 Snow: 1 Wind: 0 Fire: 0