rant: The Path of Least Resistance

My first post of 2011 is related to something that is frankly, far from Twenty-Eleven cutting edge. It was a pretty UNIQUE error I ran into at a client after trying to run an application in a VDI session.image

Granted, this was an industry specific piece of *mumble* software and not a widely used one that most would be familiar with but still surprising.  The fact that the software cannot will not run in a virtualized environment (be it a server virtual machine or VDI) seems short sighted at best and lazy at worst.  I can only assume that this restriction was put in place as a lame attempt to ensure proper licensing for the software.  This particular software has absolutely no consumer use what-so-ever though and it’s my opinion that companies tend to do their best to stay within licensing requirements.  Although making IT’s job harder than it needs to be is a good way to motivate people to actively find more accommodating competing software.

And of course, VMware should have a lowercase w!!