AppSpeed 1.5 left behind if you upgrade to vSphere 5.

I dig AppSpeed!  I know I might be in the minority here in the sense that most people don’t even know what the product is but trust me, if you NEED IT, it’s GREAT!
AppSpeed is a result of a VMware acquisition a couple years ago and is a great way to gain insight into your Web/Database applications running in your Virtual Environment.  When someone complains that the website is slow because it’s been virtualized, AppSpeed can help you determine that it is slow because of a SELECT * statement hitting a particular database that is taking minutes to return [as an example. 😉].  The product is an OVF based appliance that passively sits on the ESX hosts and sniffs and inspects the traffic reading all the way down to the transactions within the packets.  All self learning and all self discovering.  Very cool!
Unfortunately, it seems that with the latest release of vSphere 5, the current version of AppSpeed (1.5) will not work.  I was hoping it was just a ‘support’ thing but in my lab testing, it just would not register correctly with vCenter 5.  Hopefully there will be a future release to bring this great tool into vSphere 5.