Updated TSFlag / TSFlag-x64 (v1.1)

You may remember Jacques Bensimon introducing us to TSFlag in this post.  He has a new version available here.


As long as TSFlag was already parsing executable headers, I added another item of information to the display:  the executable’s so-called "subsystem" (typically either "Windows GUI" or "Windows CUI", CUI = Character User Interface, i.e. console).  TSFlag actually recognizes other possible subsystems — here’s the full list (exactly as TSFlag will display them):

· Windows GUI
· Windows CUI (Console)
· Native (Driver)
· OS/2 CUI
· Posix CUI
· Native (Win9x Driver)
· Windows CE GUI

Safe to say that if you run across one of the bottom four, you’re probably doing something wrong! 🙂

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