Solar-Putty: The free, feature-packed Putty alternative you’ve been waiting for!


Putty is awesome!  It is a main staple for most IT professionals and Home Automation hobbyists alike.  Need a secure way to SSH into a Linux machine? Putty would be your go-to tool in your IT toolbelt.   Until now…

Check out the free Solar-Putty from SolarWinds.   SolarWinds has given us a ton of 100% free, no strings attached (other than some marketing requests), software technology tools. Solar-Putty is their latest offering to the IT community.  I’d like to think of Solar Putty as kind of a graphic RDP Connection Manager type of interface for Putty.


Let’s talk about what I love about this tool.  First up, no installation.  That’s pretty much on par with what we expect from Putty.  The ability to download it on a server or client site and not have to actually go through some registry trashing Windows installation was a make or break for this to even be considered a replacement for Putty.  Just download and run the EXE.  Awesome..  want more? How about as soon as you launch it, it will import any saved Putty profiles and add them automagically right into the UI. Nice.


You can also save all your credentials (per session) for easy logins.  Of course, TABBED interface for multiple SSH sessions built right in.

How about 1 click reconnects?  That’s probably the feature that made me switch immediately.


You also have the ability to detach the tabs into separate windows if you so choose.

All in all, Solar Putty is a pretty solid offering and for the price, I don’t see why you wouldn’t switch.  It’s basically Putty+.  Admittedly though, if you still use Notepad rather than Notepad++, this might not be the post for you.  Everyone else, ENJOY!

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