Easily Upgrade your Outdoor Lighting with LED Solar Spot lights!

LED Solar Spotlight Video - 2W and no Smarts! What?!?

I’ve realized that not everything has to be ‘smart’ to offer value to the house.  In fact, I usually love Smart Features when they are really exemplify energy savings.  So when I had the opportunity to try out these LED spotlights by APONUO, I took them up on the offer even though they don’t have a stitch of Wi-Fi in them.

These little lights are Solar powered.  They come with a 5W Solar Panel that is connected to a 4000mah battery bank to help drive the light from Dusk to Dawn.  And miles of cords between the panel and two spotlights.  I mean, way more than I needed for my tree project but I’d rather have more than less in this situation.


I made the exception for Home Assistant connected devices since these spotlights will operate at basically a zero cost due to the solar panels.  So it is not as important to me to control the lighting (and turn it off to save electricity) when they are running from rechargeable solar powered batteries.   The solution works really well.  I was able to run these lights in a location of my yard where traditional power wires would have been much more difficult.

I haven’t had them up for long (maybe a week) and so far so good but I can’t speak to their longevity yet.  It’s been my experience that most solar batteries will fade over time and the runtime will lessen and lessen so I am curious to see how these hold up in the long run.   If you are reading this in the future and want to know how they held up, hit me up on twitter, YouTube or the comments and I’ll let you know.

Enjoy the quick unboxing and some demo footage of the lights.  This is TWO landscaping videos in a row – can you tell it’s summer? 🙂

Happy Landscaping!