New to Me: VxRail Network Validation Tool

Plugging in the cables is JUST the start.

If you are deploying VxRail solutions, you might want to check out the new release of the Network Validation Tool from EMC.  The NVT-VxRail tool will allow you to validate and correct any issues with your deployment JSON.  The current version released (5.2.0) sports a nice simple UI where you can import the JSON and the tool will graphically show you all the set up screens to vet nothing was fat fingered or incorrect.  It will also take it to the next step by verifying connectivity with the IPs in the JSON for supporting infrastructure like DNS servers, vCenters and NTP servers for instance.

You can also use this tool to easily create the JSON file from scratch or make modifications to existing ones for reuse.

Using a tool like this can really save a lot of needless head scratching the datacenter at the time of deployment.

You can find this tool on the EMC support pages below:
Network Validation Tool for VxRail (NVT)solution page

Validate the information before going onsite

Enjoy your Hyper Converged Solutions!