Novostella 13W LED Bulb vs Philips Hue Smart Bulbs


This week was really fun.  My friend and fellow Youtuber Paul Feinberg (@feinbergPaul) came by the house with his Novostella 13W LED Color Smart Bulb.  The Novostella is a Tuya based Smart bulb that is currently the brightest on the market with 1300 lumens.  Paul also brought over all of his film gear including studio lights, microphones, boom poles and his Sony camera for filming.  It was quite the scene! 🙂

We decided to pit the Novostella bulb against my Philips Hue lights.  It was an unfair competition since the Novostella was 1300 lumen and the Hue lights I had were just 800 lumen but we pushed through anyway and ran through all the tests we could think of.  Colors, brightness, fades, responsiveness.  It was cool to see how the various platforms preformed in a heads up competition.  The video was all shot on Paul’s equipment and setup and I did the edits for my channel and he did another version on his channel.  His channel really specializes in camera gear and Videography but he has a series of videos related to the Novostella bulbs.

Here is a list of all the equipment Paul used along with the lights:

Parts List:

Novostella 13W –
Hue Color Bulb –

Sony A7III –
Tamron 28-75mm Sony FE lens –

Falcon Eyes RX-18T Lighting –
Rhode VideoMicro (shotgun Mic) –

You can watch my version of the video here.

I wanted to say thanks to Paul for dropping by and being part of the local YouTube community.   Normally I film all my videos on my iPhone so it was super cool to see everything in shiny 4k!

Happy Automating!